Yes! I am ready to be Beautiful & Booked!

Schedule me for a FREE 1:1    Beauty Breakthrough                  Session
        ($197 value) 

-We will discuss how to feel beautiful and unstoppable from the inside out.
-How feeling beautiful will attract your ideal clients to you in ways that you can be proud of. No sleaze!
- Create a visibility plan for your business that you are comfortable and confident with.

Beauty Breakthrough Session

Read carefully. You agree to all of the following in order to be considered. 

1. I will make every effort to schedule my session within 3 days of being notified. I understand if I don't I will forfeit my session. 

2. I am ready to have a straight up conversation about growing my business and determine the best next action to get results.

3. I have specific business goals and I'm very SERIOUS about reaching them.

4. I have an "investing in myself" mindset, when I see I need help I invest the time, energy, or money necessary to get the help I need. 

5. My business is my mission & I don't want to waste any more time on efforts that don't pay off. 

6. I highly value this offer & I fully commit to showing up for my session with you ready to take ACTION on your suggestions.